mini mexi cups
      baby birds nests
      tasty taquitos
      blt dip

{dinner dishes}
      sage brown butter shrimp
      short rib ragu

      pesto cream pasta
      quick chicken parmesan
      stop drop & roll chicken tenders
      thai red chicken curry
      chicken jalapeno-basil skewers
      hot cheesy chicken casserole

      sage brown butter shrimp
      zzz zatarain's
      shrimp bake
      pan seared scallops in brown butter sauce
      pan roasted cod with garlic thyme butter
      pan roasted halibut
      low-cal shrimp & grits
      shrimp & corn chowder
      rosemary tilapia in mustard creme sauce w/ parmesan grits
      baked parmesan tilapia
      shrimp vodka spaghetti
      dad's roast
      tacos in a bag
      maury's ribeye
      quick brunswick stew
      skirt steak fajitas
      shake-shack style burgers
      simple steak stir fry
      pan-grilled flank steak with soy
      short rib ragu

      marinated turkey     

      baked nachos
      quick white bean, asparagus & mushroom cassoulet
      curried butternut squash soup
      sauteed cauliflower & brussel sprouts
      smashed cheesy cauliflower
      rosemary rutabaga fries
      easy quinoa
      creamy spinach & mushrooms

{one pot wonder}
      beef stroganoff

     tuscan-style slice & dice zucchini
     presto tortellini primavera
     dill & blue cheese green beans
     tbm orzo a la risotto
     mushroom salad
     brussels 'n bacon
     buttery baked cabbage
     barley with seared asparagus & tomatoes
     roasted garlic broccoli
     half moon mushrooms
     parmesan corn-on-the-cob
     incredible edible eggplant
     asparagus with balsamic tomatoes
     savory sauteed mushrooms
     roasted mushroom asparagus
     summer corn & parmesan flan
     couscous with parmesan veggies
     baked zucchini chips
     rosemary roasted potatoes
     avocado summer salad
     oven-baked risotto
     oven-roasted okra
     gorgonzola cream sauce

      green jacket salad
      emeril's salad
      chopped chicken salad
      arugula salad with fennel pepper confetti on toasted naan
      grilled romaine salad
      avocado summer salad
      salty dog
      guilty girl scout milkshake
      the john daly
      peach fuzz buzz
      strawberry margarita
      orange vodka spritzer
      frosty watermelon

      taste like peach crisp
      roasted banana pudding
      ten-minute tiramisu

      busy girl's turkey bacon egg & cheese
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