Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Strawberry Margarita

*today's recipe: {strawberry margarita}

well...it happened again. i traveled like a mad woman the month of april {for work} & neglected all of you.

i know. i realize. i get it.

you were waiting with baited breath for a daily post. well, i'm happy to say...

anyway, i second my friend over at bbt...how in the HELL is jessica simpson STILL pregnant?! i know this is a food blog & all but my god. i'm wondering if this is all just a jenny craig/weight watchers joke on the world?! beef her up, slim her down to her daisy duke days day? i have to say, i do miss the dumb nick & jess days of newlyweds. ahh...what might have been.

now i just need a drink to cap off this tuesday....a frozen drink to combat what is going to be the worst summer i've ever lived through. my car temp reader told me it was 93 degrees today. NINETY-THREE. that a girl may.

that. a. girl.

make it 2 'ritas....i'm enjoying this view.

*we're having our deck treated...and what a treat it is!

{strawberry margarita}

ingredients {in order of use}
*serves 2-4

1. mix all ingredients in a blender. remove popsicle sticks from popsicle. duh.

2. serve with a slice of lime...enjoy!

*one pitcher makes 4 servings...200 calories per serving.

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