Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Masters 2012

it's that time again! i feel like just yesterday {to be exact, 365 days ago} i was blogging about pimento cheese sandwiches, green jacket salads & john daly's in honor of the masters.

justin and i were lucky enough to go on monday to the opening practice round. the weather was amazing & the sandwiches just as delicious {we indulged in an egg salad & pimento cheese sandwich, as well as a masters club}. and while i've said before...it truly is one of the most marvelous events to behold {if you can score a golden ticket} & quite the southern rite of passage. and a close second to scoring a ticket...is scoring yourself a pimento cheese sandwich. it's a grab & go kinda setting & if your tummy isn't hungry for one by 2pm...well you missed the window for that day!

so enjoy this gorgeous masters weekend, make some sammies & wash it all down with some john daly's!

*who says a dollar can't buy happiness?! for 3 it will buy you the coldest, frostiest brew!

*heaven in a plastic baggie

"oh, justin, get a pic of me with my pimento cheese sandwich. did you get the sandwich in the pic?!"

*crazy gift shop!

*sitting at the 16th hole

*amen corner

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