Saturday, April 30, 2011

Honey Shrimp Skewers

with the temps rising, i can't wait to post gobs of grilling recipes in the days to come! this is one area of cooking i turn over to my hubs but enjoy doing the prep & point...i prep, you grill. i found this recipe in a coastal living magazine i was flipping through {pause...i really am turning into my mother} & can't WAIT to make it. i'm in pensacola tonight & might bring back some joe patty shrimp to whip this up when i return!

{honey shrimp skewers}
*taken from coastal living

ingredients {in order of use}
  • 1/2 cup soy sauce
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/4 teaspoon dried crushed red pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon cracked black pepper
  • 12 slices {6 ounces} prosciutto, halved lengthwise
  • 1 pound large shrimp
  • 24 nectarine or pineapple wedges

1. combine first 7 ingredients in a large bowl.

2. wrap 1 piece of prosciutto around each shrimp. thread shrimp & nectarines onto a *skewer. place skewers in a shallow dish; drizzle with 1/2 cup soy sauce mixture on both sides of shrimp.
cover & refrigerate for 30 minutes.

3. preheat grill to medium-high heat. remove skewers from marinade & grill 3 minutes on each side or until shrimp are cooked thru. serve with remaining soy sauce mixture!

*don't forget to soak wooden skewers in water for about an hour or so so they don't catch fire on the grill!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One Pot Wonder: Chicken Cordon Bleu-ish

i've said it before & i'll say it again...i love a great crock pot recipe! chicken cordon bleu requires a bit of work so i've dumbed it down & given you some different cheese options to make it simple & delish, or chicken cordon bleu-ish!

a perfect recipe for those busy days when you want a great meal & glass of wine after work!

{one pot wonder: chicken cordon bleu-ish}

ingredients {in order of use}
*serves 2-4
  • 4 chicken breasts
  • salt & pepper, to season
  • 1 {10 3/4 ounce} can low-fat cream of mushroom soup
  • 1 cup low fat milk
  • 4 ounces sliced ham {or 6-8 slices}
  • 4 ounces white cheese {i used havarti & mozzarella, swiss is traditional!}
  • *1 {8 ounce} package herbed bread stuffing

1. remove chicken from package, rinse, pat dry & season with salt & pepper. set aside.

2. in a bowl, whisk mushroom soup & milk. pour enough into crock pot to cover the bottom.

3. place seasoned chicken breasts in bottom of crock pot. cover with slices of ham. pour rest of mushroom soup mix into crock pot to cover chicken & ham. tear cheese into pieces & scatter over mixture. top with bread stuffing, cover & cook on low for 6 hours. enjoy warm over brown rice & with veggies!

*i made my own herbed bread stuffing-italian bread crumbs & toasted 2 slices of bread & crumbled-just as good & easy!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Parmesan Corn-on-the-Cob

man oh man i've been busy over the past few days!! last week ended with a plumbing nightmare which left a gay plumber, a redneck plumber, a back hoe & 9 foot hole in my hard over the weekend. we had a cement pipe collapse in our front yard , which in turn left us up to our eyeballs in, well, you get the idea. i even checked it out with my own eyes when the back hoe dug down to the pipe & i'm pretty sure some of the well, that again, has been in the sewage pipes since the '60's.

vintage i guess?!

we're now approaching day 4 of the back hoe STILL in the yard...i'm gonna start charging for rides. enjoy a snow cone & take a twirl on the back hoe! it's extra to ride in the claw.

so while justin stayed in atlanta to supervise the plumbing problems, i traveled to albany for a sip 'n see for baby carson elizabeth revell & easter with the fam.

*i'd also like to point out to the church gossipers that while my hubs wasn't with me in church on sunday & i sitteth between my parents, he's still around, things are great & we celebrate one year together on may 8!! you know how those small towns get to talkin'!

enough personal info & on to our recipe! you'll notice that florida summer corn is in season right now-it's the first best thing before georgia's own silver queen arrives in a month or so. it's white, light, healthy & can be cooked in a multitude of ways. i cooked it last night & jazzed it up a little..

{parmesan corn-on-the-cob}

ingredients {in order of use}
*serves 2
  • 2 ears of corn, husks peeled & de-silked
  • spray olive oil, spray butter or tab of butter
  • shredded parmesan
  • salt & pepper
1. boil ears if corn for about 10 minutes. remove & place on a plate.

2. spray with olive oil or dab with butter. sprinkle with shredded parmesan & season with salt & pepper. enjoy!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Toasted Pita Points

i hate for food to go to waste-it's a bad habit of mine that either involves incorporating bits & pieces into meals or making something to avoid wasting something! for example, my hubs ordered some nasty, calorie-laden, large buffalo chicken pizza the other night. there were 3 options-small, medium, large. did he consider ordering a small? no. a medium? no. large it was-& after 2 slices he was full & done with his 10-piece large pizza. {disclaimer-i did try to pawn if off to the neighbors & after he enjoyed one lunch of it re-heated {yuck!}, it was in the trash. such. a waste!!}

anyway, to avoid tossing one more thing in the freezer, i decided to use the pita i bought for a making of the green jacket salad & create toasted pita points. topped with a little olive oil, seasoning or cheese you've got an instant snack, cracker or dip scooper! easy, low-cal & delish...mission accomplished!

{toasted pita points}
  • pita bread {*you can also do this with bread & it makes a great base for cheese!}
  • olive oil, pam or spray butter
  • shredded cheese
1. heat oven to broil.

2. cut pita rounds into triangles & separate. on a baking sheet, lay smooth side down.

3. lightly spritz with olive oil, spray butter or pam cooking spray.

4. sprinkle with shredded cheese {i love parm!}

5. toast until lightly browning. serve with humus, cheeses or dips.
*store in an air tight container for edible longevity!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lean Cuisine Spring Rolls

i got off the lean cuisine train circa 2002 when i realized that it took almost 3 trays & half a bottle of morton salt to feel remotely satisfied...however, my parents have never departed the frozen food station & insist they've experienced the world through swedish meatballs, beef & broccoli & chicken marsala. they've even gone so far as to invest in an outdoor freezer to house their dinner entrees & since they eat like birds, they often split a flat bread pizza for dinner..."no honey, you enjoy the crust i'm stuffed."

i also know over the past few years LC has launched some interesting microwaveable dishes-paninis & tomato soup? flat bread pizza? spa cuisine? so when my mom & i overheard a lady in an antique shop in atlanta talking about their new thai spring rolls, my ears, eyes & taste buds lit up. i love spring rolls. i LOVE thai. i love easy food!

*garlic chicken spring rolls

*thai style chicken spring rolls

*fajita style chicken spring rolls

after grabbing a box of the garlic chicken & thai style chicken spring rolls...i'm proud to give the snack an A+:

what's to love?
  • +3: there are SIX spring rolls in each box & they are packaged in 3's individually; you can enjoy 3 for lunch & 3 for a snack later!
  • +2: 3 spring rolls & a bowl of veggies is an easy, filling & low-cal lunch!
  • +3: with a microwave cook time of 2:30 in the "crisping pouch", they actually come out with a faux fried crispy shell!
  • +4: 3 rolls only have 200 calories!
  • +3: they were on sale for $2/box @ kroger this week!
  • +1: no salting needed!
what's to desire?
  • -1: obvi they had a food stylist b/c they don't arrive out of the microwave as pretty as the pics...but hey, what does?
  • -2: it doesn't come with a dipping sauce; if they can get tomato soup in a box, they could surely get a dipping sauce in there!
*leave a comment if you try them!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Make in a Flash Meatballs

monday night i was heading to a dirty-thirty birthday gathering & needed a last minute app...quick, scram, what do i whip up?! thankfully, i had some frozen store-bought, turkey meatballs in the freezer...delish, but plain?!

here's a quick, party app you can throw out to rave reviews. it's got a little sweet-meets-sour kick to knock the party up a notch!

{make in a flash meatballs}

  • 1/2 bag of frozen meatballs {i prefer turkey but any will do}
  • 1/2 jar {12 ounce} chili sauce
  • 1/2 jar {12 ounce} grape jelly
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup

1. add all ingredients to a medium stockpot. cook on low for an hour {or medium for 30 minutes}. stir occasionally to mix sauces.

2. serve in a bowl with cocktail skewers!

*awful pic b/c my hubs rushed me out the door-but yum!

Beach Babe & DIY Fave

i've neglected to post for a few days due to my project manager {aka, mother} being in town & a quick trip to the gorgeous gulf coast! while the PM was in atlanta, we tackled my laundry room/bathroom that was one hell of a mackenzie childs-overload MESS {compliments of the previous owners obsession with the style}! i didn't take any before pics {i'd like to forget it ever could look as tacky as it did} but here's what we did in 2 days:

*we painted the previously-yellow & pink checkered walls, painted the mirror trim {it was a blue}, painted the cabinetry {it was yellow & pink baby-checkered}. for now, the mackenzie childs fish sink {i can't even go there}, tiles & knobs will have to do until we're mentally prepared for another remodel!

*we painted the walls, trim & ceiling, which was a nice shade of blue.

after all that hard DIY work, it was off to santa rosa beach, fl for some fabulous eats, time in the sun & shopping!

*lunch @ george's @ alys beach. chicken fajita wrap with sesame edamame noodle salad-AHHHmazing!

*love this laid-back sofa & pillows @ pizitz in seaside! might have to move towards a coral colorway in my next living room b/c it just looks so beachy & relaxed!

*dear amazing awesome art piece~please figure out a way to get yourself to atlanta & into my home. i love you.

*compliments of spf 4, i welcomed my first sizzle of the season!

*rough seas...but as always, a few fools persevered!

and last but not least, a fabulous meal @ one month old, "the v" in seagrove. atmosphere, staff , food, drink, bar all get an A+ in my book. i can't wait to go back; it's a miami-meets-modern-swank atmosphere {if that makes sense}!

*love the menu~walkers & swimmers!

*enjoyed the action at the chef's bar w/ a great view into the kitchen!

*whatdaya have?!

whew, after all that we'll be dieting at the clay casa-more delish recipes to come this week!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Italian Sausage 'n Veggie Spaghetti

{italian sausage 'n veggie spaghetti}

ingredients {in order of use}
*serves 4
  • 1/2 box spaghetti noodles
  • 2 links italian sausage {or 1/2 tube sausage}
  • 2 cups frozen veggies {i used 1/2 broccoli/cauliflower & 1/2 diced corn, carrots & peas}
  • 1/2 {10 ounce} tub philadelphia cooking creme, italian cheese & herbs
  • 1/3 cup low fat milk
  • salt & pepper, to taste
  • parsley, {optional}
  • parmesan cheese, shredded {optional}
1. preheat oven to 425 degrees.

2. boil water & cook noodles. while doing so, heat a large skillet to medium-high heat & cook/ crumble sausage. drain both when cooked. wipe skillet clean of grease & add cooked noodles & sausage back to skillet.

3. toss frozen veggies into a colander & run hot water over for 45 seconds to "cook". shake excess water out & toss veggies into skillet with sausage & noodles. add 1/2 tub of philadelphia cooking creme to skillet. toss all. add in milk, slowly, & toss.

4. transfer mixture to a small pyrex dish. top with chopped parsley & parmesan cheese. bake for 5-10 minute or until cheese melts! stir & serve warm!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wine on a Dime

by no means am i a wine know-it-all {or connoisseur, as i believe they call it} but i. love. wine. the grape-juice-for-adults flows like water @ our house & i know a great wine, & a great deal, when i find one. i'm pretty partial to my down under cousin & no matter the season, prefer a sauvignon blanc from marlborough, nz. and like a wool sweater, i prefer my reds in the winter b/c they, oddly enough, send my body to menopausal-type temps & leave me in a hot flash every time.

so therefore, this white-wine post is due in part to the fact that one of my favorite sauvignon blancs just re-appeared on shelves @ trader joes...who knew wine could be seasonal?! so allow me to walk you through a few of my favorites & some GREAT DEALS! and ladies & gents, we'll throw out all the fancy, "it's nutty, with a grapefruit aroma & a hit of honeysuckle" nonsense...& get straight down to the heart of the matter. good. white. wines.

Berger, Gruner Veltliner:
  • PRICE: $13.99-17.99, for a LITER!
  • PURCHASE PLACE: kroger, publix {only places i've seen it}
  • POINTS OF INTEREST: this wine is the JAM. i discovered it in nyc & re-discovered it @ a local kroger. it's taste is crisp & light like a sav blanc. for added has a bottle top which requires a bottle opener & you must drink quickly to ensure it's at it's best. or cork if you have an off switch...which isn't much fun.

Lois, Gruner Veltliner:
  • PRICE: $15-20
  • PURCHASE PLACE: kroger, publix, liquor stores
  • POINTS OF INTEREST: a little hidden jewel; crisp, summery & great for a night out with the girls {or guys!}

Picton Bay, Sauvignon Blanc {Marlborough, NZ}:
  • PRICE: $7.99
  • PURCHASE PLACE: trader joes
  • POINTS OF INTEREST: best bang for your buck! this is the wine i LOVE that's apparently seasonal. it's back on TJ shelves so load up a box & keep in stock!

Oyster Bay, Sauvignon Blanc {Marlborough, NZ}:
  • PRICE: $12-18
  • PURCHASE PLACE: kroger, publix, liquor stores
  • POINTS OF INTEREST: sets the bar for sav blancs...affordable, always fantastic & says "i'm fancy...but not a wine snob".

Kim Crawford, Sauvignon Blanc {Marlborough, NZ}:
  • PRICE: ~$20
  • PURCHASE PLACE: kroger, publix, liquor stores
  • POINTS OF INTEREST: should be a "situation-based" purchase...great for a date-says "i like wine but i'm not spending a ton on this pending situation"; great for a celebration-says, "wow, i just got a compliment from my boss, i deserve a bottle of KC tonight!"

Whitehaven, Sauvignon Blanc {Marlborough, NZ}:
  • PRICE: ~$25
  • PURCHASE PLACE: kroger, publix, liquor stores
  • POINTS OF INTEREST: total crowd pleaser; the neutral bottle also looks great on your bar as a statement piece!

leave a comment & share your favorite wines!!
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