Sunday, September 11, 2011

Palmetto Cheese

i feel the need to share a fabulous foodie find...and one that's perfect to incorporate in your fall tailgating, cookouts or in weekly meals.

palmetto cheese {otherwise known as "the pimento cheese with soul"} is one of the best pimento cheeses i've ever had! i was first introduced to this brand by my MIL & have spotted it at different events since. sold at publix, harris teeter, winn-dixie & piggly wiggly {to name a few}, it's perfect on bread & as a dip at parties. i prefer the jalapeno flavor but recently got wind they are releasing one with BACON this fall! i die.

grab a tub today & if you are in question where to find or want unique pimento cheese recipes, check out their website. i'm quite a fan!!


  1. I love Palmetto Cheese too. I recently saw the Bacon on at Publix and "almost" got it - wondered how it was - now I MUST try it.

  2. We love this! They carry it at striplings too...who would have known?!

  3. Hi Betsy!
    Thanks for helping spread the soul for Palmetto Cheese, we really appreciate it! If you haven't already, please join us on our PC Facebook Community - :)
    Thanks again,
    Palmetto Cheese


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