Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Peek in the Pantry

*an unrealistic, but beautiful pantry; courtesy: HGTV

it's no secret i love fashion...after spending a few years working in the industry & developing a passion for great clothes & accessories...the one thing i've learned is that the business of fashion, ain't always the business of payin' the bills.

not that {shugart & spice} is either but that's what husbands are for! kidding kidding...fresh apple crisp honey?!

but what i love about clothes & accessories are the true gems you fight half naked women for at sample sales, discover in a local market or learn about from friends closets. which leads me to the exciting launch of a new, weekly entry titled, {a peek in the pantry}.

like a great designer or item of clothing, i've learned from friends about so many new products that are worth sharing. each week, {a peek in the pantry} will bring something new: exciting food discoveries from friends, a peek into pantries, fridges, recipe boxes & always...a glance at the bar!

so better shape up, or should i say organize up! this iphone camera can do sneaky, stealthy things when you're not looking. wait...did i just ruin our dinner party invites?

anyway, won't you join me...and take a peek into my pantry tomorrow!

*on a side note, we just got an awesome bag of tomatoes from justin's grandfather. they are probably the reason the doctor also put me on some super duper acid reflux pill. kabosh 'flux!

and last night, to the disgust of my husband & the fact my mother was 3 hours away, i lifted the plate & drained a fresh mouthful of tomato juice, seeds & balsamic vinegar.

and now i'm not sure why i even divulged that...except that it was inappropriately delish.

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