Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is that A Pickle in Your Pantry...

it's back! after a few weeks brainstorming the {a peek in the pantry} feature, i've decided it's fun, interesting & it's moving forward!

so...remember that fun dinner party we went to in birmingham?! well, while the hostess was working on 4 separate dishes at once, i was trying to get a snap shot of her pantry on the sly. and here's what i uncovered...the girl loves easy cooking as much as i do!

{a few items in the pantry}:
  • pickles, pickled green peans, wickles-which were all served at the dinner party!
  • whole wheat orzo-perfect for TBM Orzo a la Risotto!
  • jarred marinara-great for instant meals like Quick Chicken Parmesan!
  • boxes of zatarain's-zzzz Zatarain's
  • hearts of palm-i'm loving this brand right now, sun pix-they sell at costco
  • nutella-which i haven't discovered a deep love of but i saw giada make this the other day & it might change my mind!

*let me know if you want to expose your pantry to {shugart & spice}-i'd love some guest features!!

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