Thursday, April 21, 2011

Toasted Pita Points

i hate for food to go to waste-it's a bad habit of mine that either involves incorporating bits & pieces into meals or making something to avoid wasting something! for example, my hubs ordered some nasty, calorie-laden, large buffalo chicken pizza the other night. there were 3 options-small, medium, large. did he consider ordering a small? no. a medium? no. large it was-& after 2 slices he was full & done with his 10-piece large pizza. {disclaimer-i did try to pawn if off to the neighbors & after he enjoyed one lunch of it re-heated {yuck!}, it was in the trash. such. a waste!!}

anyway, to avoid tossing one more thing in the freezer, i decided to use the pita i bought for a making of the green jacket salad & create toasted pita points. topped with a little olive oil, seasoning or cheese you've got an instant snack, cracker or dip scooper! easy, low-cal & delish...mission accomplished!

{toasted pita points}
  • pita bread {*you can also do this with bread & it makes a great base for cheese!}
  • olive oil, pam or spray butter
  • shredded cheese
1. heat oven to broil.

2. cut pita rounds into triangles & separate. on a baking sheet, lay smooth side down.

3. lightly spritz with olive oil, spray butter or pam cooking spray.

4. sprinkle with shredded cheese {i love parm!}

5. toast until lightly browning. serve with humus, cheeses or dips.
*store in an air tight container for edible longevity!

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