Monday, April 18, 2011

Beach Babe & DIY Fave

i've neglected to post for a few days due to my project manager {aka, mother} being in town & a quick trip to the gorgeous gulf coast! while the PM was in atlanta, we tackled my laundry room/bathroom that was one hell of a mackenzie childs-overload MESS {compliments of the previous owners obsession with the style}! i didn't take any before pics {i'd like to forget it ever could look as tacky as it did} but here's what we did in 2 days:

*we painted the previously-yellow & pink checkered walls, painted the mirror trim {it was a blue}, painted the cabinetry {it was yellow & pink baby-checkered}. for now, the mackenzie childs fish sink {i can't even go there}, tiles & knobs will have to do until we're mentally prepared for another remodel!

*we painted the walls, trim & ceiling, which was a nice shade of blue.

after all that hard DIY work, it was off to santa rosa beach, fl for some fabulous eats, time in the sun & shopping!

*lunch @ george's @ alys beach. chicken fajita wrap with sesame edamame noodle salad-AHHHmazing!

*love this laid-back sofa & pillows @ pizitz in seaside! might have to move towards a coral colorway in my next living room b/c it just looks so beachy & relaxed!

*dear amazing awesome art piece~please figure out a way to get yourself to atlanta & into my home. i love you.

*compliments of spf 4, i welcomed my first sizzle of the season!

*rough seas...but as always, a few fools persevered!

and last but not least, a fabulous meal @ one month old, "the v" in seagrove. atmosphere, staff , food, drink, bar all get an A+ in my book. i can't wait to go back; it's a miami-meets-modern-swank atmosphere {if that makes sense}!

*love the menu~walkers & swimmers!

*enjoyed the action at the chef's bar w/ a great view into the kitchen!

*whatdaya have?!

whew, after all that we'll be dieting at the clay casa-more delish recipes to come this week!!!

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  1. Mom said y'all had a great time at the beach! She really enjoyed getting to see you and catch up!


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