Friday, March 18, 2011


i've got a few tid bits to discuss on this lovely friday so i'll get down to business...

{1} i was so lucky to have been walking in the door from spinning this AM when GMA introduced the world to overnight pop sensation, rebecca black & her overnight hit, FRIDAY. it's things like this that put bullying into perspective, or cause & effect, if you will.

but i do toe is tappin'!

{2} my friend caroline shared a lesson with me on photography~so i'm going to start working on BETTER food photos! or if you have any tips to turn me into annie leibovitz, i'm all ears! here are a few beautiful spring foliage photos i've practiced on in our yard. in addition, THIS is why we moved to georgia!

{3} lastly, i just discovered bakerella's blog. it's an inspirational, delicious dish of shugary sweets! i've got the cheesecake pops on my agenda for the weekend. check out her site & let me know if you give any "pops" a try!


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